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Doppio Ristr8to Coffee

Enjoy a cup of art from the World Latte Art Champion.

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Ristretto: “Coffee” is our passion & “Art” is our life.

“Ristretto”, the name was inspired from is the first 15-20ml extraction of coffee that has got superb body, elegant aroma, delivering delicate acidity and caramel rich on the palate not like Espresso that has got too much bitterness and water from the last 10ml of extraction which ruin the whole taste of coffee shot. “Doppio Ristretto” (double Ristretto) is commonly known as the best base for all caffeine drink instead of Espresso among coffee drinker in coffee leading country such as Australia or England whereas in Thailand people barely know what Ristretto is.

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In Doppio Ristr8to, they use doppio Ristretto for all the hot coffee and also have got the Single Origin coffee around the world to choose from depend on season to please your palate and bring you around the world of coffee and also enjoy selecting every pattern of World latte art champion patterns or whatever you could  imagine and request is what you can get from here. Pouring Latte Art in front of you while explaining about the coffee beans that you will have a sip from the process, roasting, blending until into the cup is what Doppio Ristr8to love to do and will always do!

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What to enjoy together with the beautiful coffee? Perhaps a set of waffle snacks or waffle tower?

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