Lae Lay Grill (Aonang)

A good evening with delicious food, sipping wine and the tremendous view of sunset over the bay.

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Apart from delicious food with spectacular view, Lae Lay Grill offers Thai classics and specials dishes with the special menu changed every 6 weeks such as live lobsters, tiger prawns, crabs and more from local seas, all displayed in the huge and well maintained aquariums at the restaurant entrance.

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Lively and sophisticated, Lae Lay Grill is decorated in traditional style with sepia tones and hardwood floors. If you are planning for a romantic candle light dinner with your love one or a warm gathering with your friends and families, Lae Lay Grill is a perfect choice for you.

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The service was quick, the well-selected staff polite and very pleasant, with enough English to communicate with patrons. It is very easy and convenient to reach the restaurant as Lae Lay Grill provides free shuttle service between your hotel (Ao Nang Beach area) and the restaurant.

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